How strong influencer are you?

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Is there anything limiting you to be a strong influencer?

You might think that your personality is not typically like big influencer's as Steve Jobs or you are not charismatic enough to stand up for your arguments.

You might have doubts whether at work your role is high enough in the hierarchy to have the power of your words.

Few questions help you reflect on your influencing tactics?

- Do you use mostly facts and figures to back up your statements?

- Do you remain confident even if others debate your opinion?

- Do you highlight both negative and positive consequences of your idea?

- Do you build up a logical and structured approach to convince others?

- Are you capable to find the right information what you need from the most reliable sources?

In which category would you put yourself?

1. You have a limited ability to influence different people in different situations.

2. You are able to adapt the way that you influence others, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

3. You are a strong influencer who can use more than one way to convince colleagues of your plan's strengths.

Number 3? If yes, then congratulations! If you feel you are rather in the category of 1 or 2, then the good news that you can improve in this skill! 

If you want to deep dive into this topic and make the first steps ahead, then contact me!


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