What emotional intelligence is all about?

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Do you know what emotional intelligence is all about?
What can you observe on an emotionally intelligent person?

These are the 6 characteristics defined by Daniel Goleman that best describe this social skill, behaviour:

  1. knows and manages their own feelings well,
  2. reads and deals effectively with other people's feelings,
  3. able to motivate themselves and persist in the face of frustrations,
  4. can control impulse and delay gratification,
  5. can regulate their moods and keep distress from swamping their ability to think,
  6. can empathize and hope.

In other words, our feelings influence us on how we react and make decisions, thus make an impact on whatever we are doing. The emotionally intelligent people are guiding the feelings with their thoughts, instead of letting the feelings dominate on their actions.
Due to this, they are guiding themselves much better and able to build up strong relations which they can rely on later on.
With strengthening your self-consciousness and interpersonal intelligence you can more effectively handle situations.

What do you think, reflecting on yourself at this moment, which areas of the 4 dimensions (defined by Howard Gardner) are you satisfied with and which one(s) you would like to improve?

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