What is your overall approach towards learning?

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Once I was asked by the company's L&D team to write the editorial to our internal website about learning.


This is what I have shared with my colleagues:

Learning is my good friend, especially because personal growth is among my most important personal values. My motivation is that I know that hearing about new things and experiencing them drives my growth.

On the other hand I have to admit that learning is not always that easy. I remember when I made my MSc degree and later my business coach certificate while I had a full time job. I usually exceeded the working hours having no lazy free time after work, or I used at least one day of my week-end for my studies and yes, many times I envied those who just relaxed. After all I made the efforts because I was eager to get deeper knowledge in these areas, curious, enthusiastic and open for new challenges. I have got many times out of comfort zone, in those moments I did not feel good, but after I was over, I felt always satisfied that I have made the extra miles.

Do you also have a growth mindset? Do you believe that efforts and attitude are all you need, then you can learn anything?

If you think back to your memories, have you had the experience which confirmed that you were able to learn anything with this mindset? Or you believe that you are or good or not good at something, which cannot be changed?

Share your thoughts what is your personal story, how did you strive for having open mindset even if sometimes circumstances make that difficult!

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